What we do

Our mission is to work horizontally in the music business providing the best service for our artists, partners and clients.

We are combining our management and creativity skills, together with our passion and expertise in the music industry on 3 levels:

  • Music Production : our music label is carefully selecting artists we believe in, young musicians, legends from the past, producing with high selectivity only those who work with their hearts.

  • Programme & Events Consulting : we advised internationally the best visual arts festivals, clubs, and organisations in their music and visual arts programme in order to support our partners in always building the best experiences for their audience.

  • Events Production : through events production and management we organize music gatherings and visual arts shows in order to combine our passion for music and visual arts in multi sensorial experiences for our clients.

Join us for an exciting adventure in changing the music industry and working for a better and unified starting from the our playlists and dance floors.

We have a choice.